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Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair Weaves So Versatile

Your hair always looks amazing when you step out of the salon, but the only problem is that the gorgeous hairstyle does not last very long. You may have to make frequent trips to the hairdresser to maintain the look you want. If this sounds like you, the solution is to get fashionable hair extensions so that you can look fantastic at a moment’s notice. You don’t have to turn down that special date or an offer of a night out with friends simply because your hair is not looking its very best. You can try Hair Wefts by Coker which are made from 100% virgin hair. The high quality hair weave typically lasts a year or more and comes in a variety of types to match almost any hair. Read More...

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair

Get the super slick smooth appearance with Peruvian hair, you wear straight for an everyday look or you can jazz it up with curls for that special date or weekend special event. You decide appearance and curl on the weekend for an evening out for enjoyable and flirty appearance. This hair is extremely durable and will last in excess of a year or more which makes it a terrific financial investment!!

The hair can be coloured (Consult a certified expert for the best results ) to your wanted appearance. Our Coker Wefts Peruvian Hair will enhance your look.

For a complete head we advise you use up to 4 bundles. Include more packages for the additional full bodied appearance. For longer lengths more packages may be required.

Peruvian hair is finer than Brazilian hair it also has a slightest sheen so it bodes well with European hair and some Afro hair, after all the weaves look best when it matches your hair texture perfectly. Peruvian is a favourite for Europeans as it is natural virgin hair which is better than buying pre-coloured hair as you can see the hair is unprocessed.

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Brazillian Products

Hair Wefts By Coker and our team of dedicated staff have been providing professional hair extensions since 2012. We sell a wide range of hair extensions Brazilian and Peruvian and strive to be the number one choice for quality hair extensions for celebrity's. Our Hair is luscious, soft, shed and tangle free and will last in excess of 18 months. We also sell a range of hair product to keep your natural hair and your extensions in tip top condition.


Niomi Harris Wears Hair Wefts by Coker: All about Brazilian Hair Weaves

Ours is a time when people are becoming more and more fashion conscious. While some strive to look like their role models, others are concerned of their looks when they have to appear in public. And, the thing which undergoes much experimenting in this field at present is one’s hair. This change is often attributed to celebrities who are seen as the trend-setters in the field. They surprise their fans with their ability to change their hairstyle in such a way as to add up to the beauty of any occasion. Are you one among the millions who are amazed at this? Do you feel that this is something an average person can never achieve? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are entirely wrong. Stars do this using hair weaves or extensions. And, the best known among them are Brazilian hair weaves. Read More...


All our hair weaves are made from 100% human Virgin hair which makes them extremely durable and long lasting . The hair has been fully tested by our hair models for over twelve months so we can confidently give 30 days guarantee , however we do know that you will enjoy at least a year of great performance with Coker hair extensions .

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